Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New characters for The Poole Of The Meadow Branch: The Bolling/Braidwood

John Bolling, 9 years old, who was deaf boy of the wealthy Bolling Family in Virginia. He don't have any school for the deaf in America. His parents were planning to send him to school in England. What do he will do with the Braidwood Academy? Let's find out what he will do?

Thomas Bolling-  John's father, Great-great-great-great grandson of Pocahontas and John Rolfe. He is a farmer and owned by Tobacco farms in Chesterfield County. He married Elizabeth Gay as his first cousin.
And He and his family lived in the Bolling Plantation in Goochland County. Once time he owned the Cobbs near the James River. He was thinking to have the Cobbs Plantation to be in a school for the deaf.

Elizabeth Gay- Daughter of Dr.William Gay and Elizabeth Bolling.

 William Bolling-

Elizabeth Bolling-.

Rebecca Bolling-

The Bollings were all hearing.

Thomas Bolling Jr. and Mary "Polly" Bolling who were deaf.
Later on few years, following their brother, John Bolling to the Braidwood Academy.

Thomas Braidwood-
This man who was hearing, with educated, a teacher at the Braidwood Academy, and part of relatives who taught the disabled children of the wealthy families for these education, included of the Royal family, too. Yet to not enough knowledgeable much about the Braidwood of Edinburgh, England in 1760.

That is our new characters that would be more new upcoming with the people name in England. Please let me know if you want add up with something that missing these route to the school and situation of the Braidwood Academy from good to worse? Please email me about the information for the Braidwood in 1700's.

That is not enough information much but need to researching! I need to ask you if you want to know about the Braidwood Clan, and with Braidwood Academy. I need your help or fund and donate it for get me to fly to England and researching with Braidwood Clan! It is meaning lots for me to write a story about!
What do you think?
Let me know!!!
Thank you !

Lily Mountjoy - the Creator of "The Poole of the Meadow Branch"

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